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The Sand Sports Super Show had several sand car manufacturers displaying a wide range of vehicle designs, including the popular four-seat family fun cars such as this one built by JP Designs of San Diego.

Photo Gallery: Sand Cars At The 2014 Super Show

The event featured everything from rear-engine rollers in kit form to high-end trucks and buggies with V8 engines and long-travel suspension
By Michael Sommer | November 25, 2014

Photos by Michael Sommer

While most people who attend the Super Show in recent years may not have seen the show's progression each year since 1999, the foundation of this event has always been the long-travel suspension sand cars. At one point, sometime around 2005, there were more than 100 businesses that manufactured a sand car who had exhibit booths at the show. Wow!

These days, the show is packed with UTVs of all designs and styles, however, there are still several sand car builders with trick vehicles at the show. Take a look at this photo gallery of amazing sand cars. Consider for a moment that the cars you see were built with knowledge and technology that has taken more than two decades to develop. Beneath the custom aluminum and carbon fiber bodies you'll find some of the most professionally designed off-road racing chassis ever built. These cars are not only works of art, they also employ top quality components that enable them to jump, wheelie, hammer the whoops and power slide atop the tallest dunes all year long without requiring a lot of service and repair work.

If you're looking for a car that doesn't cost upwards of 150K, you'll also see a few of them too. The rolling chassis kit shown was offered by Joe Fab at Sand Limo for a very reasonable price of under 10 grand. Just add your own engine and trans, do a little wiring work and away you go. Whatever vehicle you choose for the dunes, the best place to shop for it would be the Sand Sports Super Show. See you next September.

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