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Sand Cars: If you don't have to stop in Brawley for supplies before hitting the dunes, use the bypass around the city and save time on your trip to the dunes.

Brawley Bypass Now Open - Highway 78 Imperial County

If you're heading to the Glamis Dunes on Highway 78 East, this route can help you save time
By Michael Sommer | April 24, 2013

For those of you who don't need to stop in Brawley to purchase your goods or services before heading out to the dunes you can now save time by utilizing the newly opened Brawley Bypass. Open since October 2012, the Brawley Bypass encompasses eight miles of a four-lane divided expressway around the city of Brawley from State Route 86 northwest of Westmorland to the southeast junction of State Route 78 and State Route 111.
There are many Brawley businesses that cater to the off-road community in the city of Brawley, including food, gasoline and emergency services. Even though the bypass is currently open, Brawley is still the closest town to Glamis. The merchants of Brawley encourage you to stop by and purchase your desert items on your way to the dunes. This includes a Dune Permit if you don't already have one, which is required before playing in the Imperial Dunes.

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Brawley Bypass Now Open - Highway 78 Imperial County
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