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The 2014 Sand Sports Super Show is always a great place to find new products. Here's a group of photos showing new products, and friends faces at the show.

Photo Gallery #2: New Products At 2014 Super Show

Featuring everything from paddle tires to whip flag mounts, race wheels, generators, and celebrity sightings!
By Michael Sommer | November 8, 2014

Photos by Michael Sommer

One of the highlights of our year is attending the Sand Sports Super Show at the Costa Mesa Fair and Event Center, in Southern California. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude and the vibe is fun and exciting throughout the whole show. Part of the reason for this is that the Super Show marks the "unofficial" start of the sand season in the Southwest, where desert temperatures are typically 120+ during the summer months. The temps begin to cool off in the desert during September and October, but things definitely heat up when the Super Show rolls around. This year, we saw lots of new products from a variety of different exhibitors. Some businesses were new to the show, bringing LED lighting systems, fabrication tools, off-road equipment, clutch systems, and a host of other things. We even saw some new tire designs, roll cages and suspension systems .... mostly for UTVs. If you've never been to the Super Show, you've definitely got to make plans to go. This photo gallery shows a small sample of the things we saw. Check out our other galleries for even more items, as well as friendly faces having fun at the event.
BJ Baldwin signing autographs for the fans in the Rigid Industries booth in Building 10
Speed Straps and tie-down systems in the POP area
DWT displayed their wheels and Doonz sand tires
These guys found a good deal on some sand tires for their car
The buggy jack is a great item to add to your trailer before heading to the desert. Ever tired to jack up your buggy using a floor jack in the sand? This solves that problem.
Raceline Wheels has a wide selection for all types of off-road vehicles
The Warrior Lifestyles exhibit with several models of Weekend Warrior trailers ....
... including this handy little tow-behind unit (perfect for UTVs) at locations such as the river or wherever you enjoy your vehicles. It comes equipped with a stereo system and ice chest.
There were huge crowds at the show all weekend
One of the largest sand tire dealers, with a staff that is extremely knowledgeable about application and fitment, is that of Fullerton Sand Sports. They had tires in all sizes for a variety of applications.
Huntington Beach Honda displayed off road vehicles, and a line of Honda Generators that were available for purchase right at the show.
Ivan Stewart was at the event signing autographs on Friday and Saturday.
Wicked Creations brought out a few displays with some of the long-travel suspension systems that they manufacture.
Subaru engine Specialist, Mac, of Outfront Motorsports was at the event talking about all things related to Subaru engine performance.
After walking around the show for hours, it's always refreshing to test out the seats in the Twisted Stitch booth. This allows you to rest your feet as well as try out the new suspension seats for your sand car or UTV.

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